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Be on Trend With Your #Christmas Hashtags

With the holiday season in full force, there’s no shortage of social media material you’re just dying to share. But your tweets could get a lot more attention if you used the most popular hashtags. Aka: #stopjustmakingthemup – ‘cause slight variations make all the difference. Here’s what you should be hashtagging this season

We shouldn’t have to tell you that using trending hashtags affects the popularity of your tweets. 

With the holidays offering no shortage of social media inspiration, you need to use a hashtag that gets #noticed – otherwise you’re just another 140 characters in the endless abyss that is the Twitterverse. 

The thing is, hashtags can be particular, and slight variations can make all the difference. The proof lies in the findings of Topsy Analytics, which narrowed down international hashtags used between November 19th to December 19th to find the most popular holiday hashtags. 

So, when you need to get your gift giving #fail out to the world, make sure you use #holiday (used 7.4 million times in the past month), instead of #holidays (used only 3 million times).

Here’s what else you should be hashtagging…

Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays
Somewhat surprising given the ever increasing need to be all-inclusive and ‘politically correct’, #merrychristmas beat out #happyholidays, with 14,434 tweets compared to 9,193.

Present vs. Gift
Last we checked, the words “present” and “gift” were pretty much identical. Not in the Twitter world, though. #Gift came out on top with 759,000 mentions, where #present only netted 38,000.

Christmas vs. Xmas
Despite the fewer characters in a #Xmas hashtag, #Christmas won by a landslide with 35 million mentions, as opposed to a meager 4 million for #Xmas.

Santa vs. Santa Claus
Just like Madonna and Cher, there’s no need to refer to St. Nick by his full name. #Santa was mentioned 254,000 times, compared to just 33,000 mentions for #SantaClaus.

Deck the Halls vs. Tis the Season
We could have told you the winner of this one simply judging from our own Twitter feed as of late. #TisTheSeason was the clear winner, with 95,000 mentions compared to about 12,000 for #DeckTheHalls.

Naughty vs. Nice
It turns out more people are trying to get in Santa’s good books this season. #Nice came out on top over #Naughty, with 134,000 mentions compared to 85,000.

Holiday Season vs. Season’s Greetings
Get it right and opt for #HolidaySeason over #SeasonsGreetings. It received 50,000 mentions while the latter only earned 10,000.



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