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This is How You Accept a Compliment Without Feeling Totally Awkward

During my time in high school, I remember one extremely distinguished classmate in my music class. He was an incredibly talented vocalist (we were an arts high school – and yes, it’s just like that Nickelodeon show), incredibly humble and just an all-around down-to-earth guy. After every performance, he would

Dear Millennials: It’s Okay if You’re Too Poor to Travel Right Now

It seems like around every corner of the internet, there is some twenty-something posting their latest trip to Italy, Thailand, or Mexico with the hashtag #LiveYourLife. It can be incredibly liberating to break out of the confines of your hometown and sail across national borders to try exotic foods, meet

Stressed Out? Here Are 3 Relaxing Soundscapes for When You Need to Unwind

As a university graduate and young career professional, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that a low-stress life just isn’t an option right now. If you always feel like you’re on-call in some capacity, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Many millennials find themselves juggling at least two or

6 Things Non-Coffee Drinkers Are Sick of Hearing

I don’t like coffee. Never have, and probably never will. Most people’s initial reaction is some variation of shock and awe. Some take it over the top (“You don’t drink COFFEE!?”) while others do a quick mental backpedal and try to play it cool. But I can see the judgement

5 Harsh Truths That Every Twenty-Something Will Learn Eventually

As kids, we were raised to envision a shiny, bright future where we could achieve our goals and shape ourselves into accomplished and fulfilled specimens. We took a lot of things for granted – we’d grow up to have steady jobs, a solid network of friends and family, live in