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#NotablePeople: Sean MacDonald, Owner & Head Chef of ēst

Sean MacDonald is done with the mental health stigma.  Just 4 months after opening his first restaurant, ēst, at the age of 27, a global pandemic closed it down. Now, chef and entrepreneur Sean MacDonald is determined to squash the stigma around men’s mental health in the restaurant industry as

#NotableBusiness: YUTE INC.

For the youths, by the youths.  Founded by mother-son duo Christina Cheng and her son Elijah, YUTE INC. is more than just a clothing brand. We caught up with the young entrepreneurs to learn how – at just 10 years old – Elijah came up with the idea for a

#NotablePeople: Mary Nielsen, Creator of Fearless Beauties

How can you show true allyship for marginalized communities?  For Mary Nielsen, creator of the Fearless Beauties movement, it was a matter of necessity in the esthetics industry. We caught up with this self-starter to learn how she discovered both the major inequalities in treating skin of colour and her

#NotablePeople: Dawson Whitfield, CEO & Founder of Looka

Every business needs top-notch design. But not every business can afford a top-notch designer.  That’s why Dawson Whitfield created Looka – an AI-powered logo maker to help entrepreneurs create logos quickly (and affordably). We caught up with the CEO & Founder to find out how COVID impacted his business and

Toronto hitmaker Virginia to Vegas on making his new EP during COVID

Don’t sleep on this EP.  On don’t wake me – I’m dreaming, Toronto-based hitmaker Virginia To Vegas (aka Derik Baker) takes us on a dreamy, day drunk trip through quarantine – from nostalgia of summers past to watching days “flyby”.  We caught up with the songwriter and producer to talk