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14 Things You Will Never Spend Money On Again

Technological advancements have changed everyday items that you may have once found useful (hi pagers) into pointless paperweights. (Plus, who has room for unnecessary clutter anyways?) Many former household staples have become more irrelevant than Ricky Martin in a Von Dutch mesh back – so if you’re still holding onto your Discman in

SpaceX Says it Will Land on Mars As Early As 2018

SpaceX has scheduled a bit of a trek in the near future. According to a tweet published by the company, it is “planning to send Dragon to Mars as soon as 2018.” The idea has been up in the air for years, and SpaceX will now be the first company to embark on

Uber Will Deliver Puppies to Your Toronto Office Today

You don’t need to ruff it out at work today – ’cause if you’ve got a case of the Thursday blues, Uber has you covered. Puppies. Freakin’ PUPPIES. That’s right, the ride-sharing app is offering a one-day puppy play date service (today), between the hours of 11am–3pm. The doggy delivery

YouTube Opens New Toronto Space Where You Can Shoot Your Next Viral Video

George Brown College and YouTube want you to shoot your next viral video at their state-of-the-art facility in downtown Toronto. The design school and video platform have teamed up to build Toronto’s first YouTube Space – a one-of-kind production lab at 230 Richmond St. E. The facility is open to give YouTubers

Toronto Will Be Home to the First Trans-Atlantic Sports Franchise Next Year

Toronto has unveiled its newest addition to the city’s sports scene: the Toronto Wolfpack, the first trans-Atlantic sports franchise. The team is the most recent addition to England’s Rugby Football League (RFL) and will hit the field beginning next season. Toronto’s Lamport Stadium, located in Liberty Village, will be their home. The