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The December Recap, Brought to You By Instagram

No matter who you are, scrolling through Instagram in the month of December was magical: It’s like we all got together and decided to become one big happy cliche. Here are nine pictures your friends (or you—it’s okay to admit it) definitely posted during the holiday season: Marriage Proposals How beautiful,

What to Do When Following Your Dreams Feels Like A Burden

Following your dreams on your own can be hard enough – putting in a 24/7 grind and putting everything into doing what you love. But when you throw another person into this equation, things can get complicated very quickly. One partner, for example, may work in media and need to

8 Everyday Things That Really Annoy Feminists

It’s 2016 and if the word “feminism” didn’t make people uncomfortable before, it sure does now that the United States elected Trump. I can explain how feminism is simply the belief that women and men should be equal in every aspect of life but you should know this by now.