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December is the Time to Get a New Job

Is a new job at the top of your Christmas list? Good, because December is anything-can-happen month. It’s a magical time of year where generosity and spirits are at a high, and the motivation of your job-seeking competition is low. Now is the time to find your dream job

6 Epic Western Canada Ski Escapes

If there’s one thing that’s true about Canadian winters, it’s that everyone who lives through them needs an escape once in a while. That doesn’t have to mean leaving the country, though, as escapes of epic proportions can be found right in our own backyard for young professionals who embrace the power of the powder

How to Skip the Mall in Calgary This Holiday Season

Fighting for parking spots, endless lines, screaming children: you have to love the holiday season at the mall. Actually wait, you don’t. Skip all of that and get the people you love something a little bit more unique this year by hitting up one of the gazillion Christmas Markets in and around Calgary over the next few weeks. You’ll be glad you did

Three Calgary Fitness Studios to Keep You Hot This Winter

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but Calgary’s forecast for the next, oh, four months or so isn’t looking too hot. So if you’re not into winter mountain sports, you might be considering hibernating until the next Chinook sweeps in. But instead of letting you go bear on us, we’re giving you three boutique fitness studios that will keep you sweaty all winter long

A Realistic Guide to Sleeping Better for Young Professionals

Anti-newsflash: sleep is good for you. We’re not the first ones to tell you that getting a solid seven hours will make you smarter, more attractive, and just generally healthier… but what do you do if sleep fights back? It’s not always easy to achieve true rest, so we’ve collected some ideas to help you get there and stay there