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Optimy is Helping Struggling Businesses Make the Shift to Online Retail

With the rise of online shopping and the continued closures across Canada, this past year has been detrimental for small businesses and retailers who rely on face-to-face interactions to sell their products or services. With no clear solution or timeline for reopening, Optimy stepped into help these businesses make it

How The Co-Founders of VIEREN Are Bringing The Luxury Automatic Watch Back

For many people, the clock on their phone is the only watch they own. They constantly tap their screen throughout the day, relying on their electronic devices as a timekeeper. As the world becomes increasingly digitized, Sunny Fong and Jessica Chow decided to revive a classic—the automatic watch. Fong and

Akil McKenzie’s poem Historians wins Best Social Justice Film

In late 2020, Akil McKenzie released a four-minute video short called Historians with Falling Motion and Hallowed Grounds. What started as a stand-alone poem turned into a passion project where people came together to spread their message about injustices in the Black community through art. The video has since gained thousands of views through YouTube and Instagram and won Best Social Justice Film at the Vancouver Independent Film Festival.