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A Bold Collection of Italian Wines for Your Next Dinner Party

A brisk, 30-minute drive from Peretola airport, in the heart of Tuscany’s famed Chianti Classico region, stands a castle that dates back to the 15th century. Castello di Gabbiano is surrounded by picturesque Tuscan vineyards. Sprinkled across miles and miles of rolling hills, the vines here intermingle with centuries-old olive trees; two

A Sneak Peak at What’s on the Menu at the Notable Life Awards

Tucked between a flower shop and a dry cleaning store, in the heart of Toronto’s ritzy Rosedale neighbourhood, you’ll find one of the city’s true culinary treasures. Rosedale’s Finest is a feast for the senses. All you have to do is check out their Insta account and you’ll see what

What To Wear to The 8th Annual Notable Awards

The fête of the year is just days away. We’re talking about the 8th Annual Notable Awards, of course! Did we mention our hosts this year are Maripier Morin (Of Hockey Wives fame) and Brandon Prust (yes, the hockey star). If you’re wondering how to get your style on for the


Three things caught me off guard when I become a mom – the length of time it took my swollen feet to get back to normal, the jarring lack of sleep I experienced in the first year, and the things that fell out of people’s mouths. Working parents are some

You Missed Your Flight – Now What?

Some of us might see this as another exciting adventure, while others might feel stranded and alone. Regardless of which side you’re on, we all want to know what’s next when we miss a flight. I recently found myself in this very position while on a return flight from Tuscany to