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#CareerGoals: DJ Killa Kels

Not only is Killa Kels a phenomenal DJ, she’s one badass woman. Toronto-based DJ, Killa Kels is killing the music game. Djing worldwide, we had the chance to sit down with Killa Kels and learn about all that goes into DJing and how she got here! How did you get

#CareerGoals: Matt Chong, Tea Sommelier and Owner of Chong Tea Co.

A tea lover with an entrepreneurial spirit, Matt Chong took his passion and turned it into his career. Tea is the number one most consumed beverage after water in the world. It’s also a passion Matt Chong has had for as long as he can remember. Being a lover of

#CareerGoals: Eva Redpath, An Entrepreneur, Wellness Leader and Coach

Eva Redpath is taking the wellness industry by storm through her passion of movement. Eva Redpath is an entrepreneur, wellness leader and coach. Starting in performance at a young age, Eva transitioned from a career as a professional dancer and actress to an entrepreneurial fitness leader. Her resume includes being

#CareerGoals: Kathryn Ducey, Founder of Hire An Athlete

Kathryn Ducey is the founder of Hire An Athlete, an organization created to support athletes transitioning from retirement to their next career. Ducey’s mission is to create opportunities for athletes after sports and to influence companies’ perception of athletes with limited “conventional” work experience. With an extensive background in talent