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Sharing a Pet Post-Breakup Rarely Works

If you’re going to get a pet with your significant other (SO), you better be serious about your relationship. While it may sound like a great idea in theory – and we’ve all heard from former couples who it miraculously works well for – sharing a pet post-breakup isn’t all

Why Silence isn’t Golden when Dealing with their (Nightmare) Ex

Most of us have had to deal with one nightmare ex in our dating history. But it’s usually easier when it’s your own ex, someone whose behaviours you understand and who offers a familiar territory to navigate. Things get trickier when your current partner’s ex is the nightmare. They still

Micro-Cheating is a Thing, and You Have Probably Experienced It

Most young professionals know how trying (i.e. utterly exhausting) dating and relationships have become in our double-edge sword-filled digital age. Since its arrival over a decade ago, social media has facilitated affairs, exposed affairs, broken up relationships, inspired blowout fights between couples, and triggered relationship anxiety. For all the good

If Kate Middleton Can Recycle Her Dress, So Can You

From feather-adorned cocktail dresses and colourful showstoppers to about two dozen little black dresses (LBDs), my closet is full of fancy frocks that I’ve accumulated over the years. And I’ve worn 99 per cent of them at least twice. While there’s always something special about slipping into a new dress

Toronto is Getting a Cheetos Museum for Three Days Only

There’s a new larger-than-life Instagram opportunity in town – and if you have a soft spot for Cheetos of all shapes, you may want to check it out. From Friday, May 11 to Sunday, May 13, you can enter a super cheesy world of all things Cheetos-related when the Cheetos