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Two Aussie Models With Very Different Bodies Become Insta-Famous Together

Georgia Gibbs, 21, and Kate Weasley, 22, are best friends with a lot in common: Both gorgeous blonde models, both from Australia…and both are Instagram famous. The noticeable difference the two models are highlighting on Instagram is their difference in size — Gibbs a size 6, and Weasley a size 16.

Image: Christian Gilles

Gibbs and Weasley both experienced pressures and expectations about body size in their respective modelling careers, expectations that inspired them to create an initiative of their own. Enter Any.BODY.


We see “plus-size” campaigns and influencers like Ashley Grahm and Iskra more frequently in 2017 than ever before, but with the rise of #bodypositive leaders,  why are there not more images of multi-size women photographed together?

That’s where Any.BODY comes in to start the conversation. This online initiative works in two ways: to inspire brands to be more body inclusive, and to combat the oversaturated world of  #bodygoals on Instagram, with a wide variety of beautiful body shapes.

Any.BODY draws attention to the fact that people actually aren’t used to seeing images of women of different sizes together. There is no ‘plus-size’ section, or ‘curvy girl’ label. Just two models putting into action their belief that there’s no size standard for the modern woman.

Inspired by Dove’s famous “Real Beauty” campaign, Gibbs and Weasley want their social media message to be more than just a “like and scroll” movement. Their goal is to have it become commonplace to see women of all sizes together in media, especially in bikinis with smiles on their faces.
With their followers already at 32.2K and rising, it’s clear that these ladies are on a mission and their statement is being made in the perfect place at the perfect time.

Picture: Christian Gilles

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