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Aspen and Telluride: A Ski Trip Like No Other

As an avid skier, frequent traveler, and working entrepreneur, I love (literally, love) a good ski trip. I generally keep the trips to a destination that won’t take me more than a few hours to travel to or from Canada so that I can maximize my ski time, and minimize my air-time.

We’ve all heard of Colorado as an incredible ski destination, but until I went, I never appreciated Aspen and Telluride for just how truly magical they both are.

 Aspen Mountain

These two destinations are beyond packed with incredible vibes, mouth-watering cuisine, finely-crafted cocktails, postcard-worthy landscapes, top-notch hospitality, and of course slopes that will make every skier or boarder hungry to return.

And, I’m definitely one of them.

Lynn Britt Cabin, with panoramic views of the Snowmass Valley.

Bosq Restaurant

Aspen Mountain (one of four mountains to choose from that make up Aspen) has some of the best slopes in the world and an advanced gondola system to get you up to the peak quickly and safely. It is also full of celebrity-studded hotels, restaurants, and places to go for cocktails. We stayed at the Limelight Hotel and loved it. Aspen is the sort of place you can go for a few runs on the hills followed by a casual bite by a fireplace or a 5-star dining experience beside an A-list’er. Bosq Restaurant is a favourite, located in the heart of Aspen. It has just 40 seats and features travel inspired, new world cuisine by Chef Barclay Dodge. Caribou Club is Aspen’s most exclusive and is the place to people watch for celebs and Aspen’s elite. You can snag a temporary membership for $500-$1500 USD per week for two people.

The Great Room inside Caribou Club

ski-skiing-telluride-aspenThe mountains are next-level as are the views from the top. Take in a yoga class at the top of Aspen Mountain to stretch those tired ski muscles. Held every Tuesday and Thursday for all levels. Aspen locals and regulars, love Aspen – and, I can’t blame them. It has everything you could possibly want from a ski-town: incredible hills, pristine nature, gastronomy, and entertainment. But there’s also history. There’s also art galleries. There’s also high-end fashion and shopping. There’s also, so much more …

That is what makes Aspen so unique.

For a less glitzy but still grand mountain experience. A historic mining town, Telluride features Victorian architecture, an incredible food scene and is home to the Telluride Film Festival held each summer. Telluride is where you need to be. I’m still thinking about it.

ski-skiing-telluride-aspenDowntown Telluride. Photo Credit: Ryan Bonneau

Allred’s Restaurant, Telluride.

The hills are epic (note: epic in ski/snowboard jargon means steep, powder-packed, and not overcrowded). The altitude is no-joke though – even the hotels are nearly 3,000 meters in the mountains, so be ready to sleep in the clouds.

In Telluride, you’re still in the States but it feels like there’s something more, something so authentic and unique that you could easily be outside of North America all together. It feels like Northern California with a mix of a quaint village somewhere in Europe (still trying to figure out where). Take the gondola into town to shop and enjoy the historic mountain village. You can also dine surrounded by mountains or in the mountainsWe stayed slope-side at The Peaks and loved every moment of it. With rooms and restaurants offering your own personal view of the mountains and a spa that rivals the best in the continent, there was nothing not to love, except that we could have used another week! On that note, be sure to fit in a snowmobiling tour if you can, for an incredibly scenic 2-hour tour of Alta Lakes Ghost Town.

The Peaks Resort  and San Juan Mountains.

Photo Credit: Andrea Karr.

Everyone left our trip with the intention of going back to Colorado soon and for longer. A few people were even looking into monthly lodging options before they left – I’d say that’s a good sign.

Julian Brass