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It’s Looking Like Apple Will Release Wireless Earbuds With the iPhone 7

Following Apple rumours too closely is a dangerous game. We swear we’ve heard the next iPhone can take us to Mars, and that the next Apple Watch will actually be a grandfather clock.

Neither of these thing came true, of course.

One thing we can be fairly certain of, however, is that Apple will launch wireless earbuds sometime this year, likely to coordinate with the release of the iPhone 7 sometime in autumn. Mark Gurman, a reporter usually at the forefront of Apple developments, recently broke the news on 9to5mac.

Gurman reports that Beats Electronics, which Apple acquired in 2014, is currently developing the wireless earbuds, which will connect via bluetooth. The two earbuds will be void of a cable that connects them, and they’ll also include a noise-cancelling microphone that can pick up calls and activate Siri.

Here’s where Apple could get typically sneaky: since the earphones will demand a premium price, they likely won’t be included with the purchase of an iPhone 7 and will be sold separately instead (competitor wireless headphones fetch around $400). There are plenty of rumours, albeit unconfirmed, that the new iPhone will do away with a headphone jack, essentially forcing people to buy the Beats wireless earbuds.

Hundreds of thousands of people officially hate this.

Despite everything we’ve said and the citation of a reliable source, it’s important to remember that all of this is still very unofficial news. And that if it does turn out to be true, millions and millions of people will still buy all things Apple.


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