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Apple Partners with HBO, Releases New Game of Thrones Trailer

Earlier today HBO announced that it would be using Apple as its exclusive partner for a new steaming site, HBO Now. And while that may be big news, releasing a new Game of Thrones trailer is what really stole the show

Who cares about a watch when Game of Thrones is on? 

Not us.

Sure, we’re all waiting to know when we can strap Apple to our wrist and receive its ‘taptic’ responses right on our skin.

But if you’ve ever been to a Mac store you know there’s going to be one hell of a line up.

So we’d rather sit back and relax while we watch Daenerys Targaryen prepare to go full dragon on Westeros.

At the Applefest going on in San Francisco today, HBO let everyone know that Apple would be their exclusive provider for a forthcoming streaming service, HBO Now. (You can check out the video for that here.) And that announcement also reminded everyone about the date we should all be setting our Apple watches to – April 12th.

‘Cause that’s when Khaleesi’s going to break the wheel…

(Trailer starts at 2:40)


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