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Apparently Red Wine Hot Chocolate is Now a Thing

Move over Pumpkin Spice Latte, there’s a new cold weather drink in town and it’s NSFW.

While everybody’s favourite caffeinated beverage is perfect for those crisp Fall days, this is the kind of drink that will warm up even the most frigid Canadian winter days.

Combining two of our favourite comfort foods into one decadent treat, this red wine hot chocolate is the latest food mashup sweeping the internet.


While admittedly, my first reaction was disgust, followed by cautious intrigue, I can imagine how this drink could actually be quite delicious. I mean, a glass of vino and a piece of dark chocolate is already many a working woman’s go-to for unwinding after a long day.

The recipe is the brainchild of Houston-based food blogger Kylie Mitchell, who wrote a blog post about the creative cocktail last November.

“You eat chocolate with wine, so why not put chocolate in wine,” Mitchell writes.

Can’t beat that logic.


Best of all, the recipe is ridiculously simple. All you need are three ingredients, milk, red wine and dark chocolate. You start by heating the milk and chocolate chunks in a saucepan. Once it gets all creamy and liquidy, you add the wine and stir until hot.

Mitchell warns that her recipe is super rich, and recommends sipping it from a small glass rather than pouring yourself a huge mugful. She also suggests adding cinnamon sticks or coconut whipped cream to kick it up a notch.

It’s no #coffeeinacone, but once you get over the weird factor, I can definitely see this drink taking off in a big way.

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