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An App Called Drunk Mode Will Now Help You Piece ‘Wasted’ Nights Together

Drunk Mode recently launched in both the App Store and the Google Play store and with over 500,000 users already, it’s looking to solve a lot of people’s alcohol problems. Well, some of them, at least

Planning on having a few adult beverages this weekend?

Ya, so are we.

Which is why we just downloaded a new app.

It’s called, Drunk Mode and it might be the handiest thing to hit drinking since the invention of ice.

Essentially, when you go out for a big night on the town, Drunk Mode is trying to solve three of your biggest problems.

Problem #1: You Can’t Find Your Other Drunk Friends
App Solution: Find My Drunk (Most Popular Feature)
Drunk Mode has a GPS mapping tool, so once your friends download and connect with you on the app, you can track where they are throughout the night. No more ordering poutine with strangers at 2:41am. Unless you want to. Which we totally understand.
Problem #2: I Lost My _______ Last Night, And I Have No Idea Where
App Solution: Bread Crumbs
Drunk Mode, as part of its GPS mapping tool, tracks your entire path through the night. So if you wake up and you’re missing a bankcard or a set of keys, or a shoe, open up the map and retrace your steps. The only thing it can’t always help you find is your phone.

Problem #3: I Keep Drunk-Dialing Like a F*&king Moron
App Solution: Stop Drunk Dialing  
Yup, you can select contacts from your phone and “Block” them. They will stay blocked for the duration of the time you tell the app you’ll be in “Drunk Mode”; 3, 6, 9, or 12 hours. Then when you go to their contact record in your phone, their phone number is hidden. To disable Drunk Mode, you have to answer a subtraction question involving two three-digit numbers and some carrying of some 1s.


That being said, if you know their phone number and you’ve had a phone call with them before, you can just pop into your “Recent” call log and sneak it from there. The app also seems to only block one phone number per contact, so you could still get them on a secondary number, a pager, or hit them with a creepy email sans punctuation.

Apparently, there are plans for a few new features, including “Hotspots”, for finding the liveliest venues in your surrounding area, “Find a Ride” for hailing a taxi, and an extension of “Find My Drunk” for connecting directly with other drunks nearby who may not be in your contact list…

The only critical feature missing? 

“Find a Life Coach.”  


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