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It Turns Out Americans Were Actually Serious About Moving to Canada

As Election Day draws nearer for our friends south of the border, one thing is now clear:

It turns out Americans could be serious about moving to Canada if Trump wins on Tuesday.

New research from reveals that some Americans weren’t joking with their threats to head north to seek refuge from a new president. They found that the number of Americans looking for work in Canada is up 58 per cent overall.

Between January and October of this year, 30,296 job searches used the keyword “Canada” on Monster’s U.S. website — up from 19,693 searches in all of 2015.

Image: The Sun

Even though Cape Breton was the most vocal in welcoming Americans with open arms, Canada-eyeing Americans are most interested in Ontario, with more than 7,500 searches for jobs in the province alone, and 3,000 of those in Toronto. Americans are also keen on Alberta and British Columbia, followed by Quebec and New Brunswick. data shows that over 2,000 American engineers are looking for new work, along with more than 1,200 American tech workers.

The third most searched job is ‘accountant.’ Banking, sales, and human resources positions were also popular.

Before you ready yourself for the arrival of American neighbours and coworkers, keep in mind that browsing a job site and actually moving are two completely different things.


Americans seriously considering the move can be assured by the fact that the federal government has increased the number of immigrants it will accept in 2017 by 7.4 per cent.

Of course, while there’s no direct correlation between the election and the surge in searches, it’s pretty safe to assume it’s the cause.

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