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American Express’ Partnership with Live Nation Offers Cardmembers Access to Even More of Canada’s Hottest Events

You know that awesome feeling of just leisurely strolling to the Front Of The Line at your city’s hottest events and walking in like royalty?

That’s kind of what it’s like to own an American Express Card – especially now that Amex signed a bigger and better multi-year partnership with Live Nation.

The renewed collaboration will grant Canadian Cardmembers access even more of the most coveted events from coast to coast through which is part of the overarching Amex Invites program. If you didn’t already know, FOTL offers the best seats, advanced tickets, exclusive lounges and special promos.

It’s kind of like being able to namedrop Drake wherever you go.

By adding Live Nation’s unparalleled offering of events to its many perks, American Express essentially guarantees that there’s no better way to take in the best sports, dining, culture, music, film, and fashion Canada has to offer.

As part of the Live Nation partnership, American Express will provide even more advanced ticket access.

So don’t get stuck waiting in line when American Express Canada already has your exclusive access lined up for you.

It’s simply never been easier to get ahead.


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