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A Surprising Number of People Admit They Use Their Phone During Sex

We all know we have a smartphone addiction. In fact, you’re probably reading this on yours right now.

But we only check our phones every two minutes, feel a phantom vibrating in our pockets, and generally live with our cells glued to our hands when we’re bored, don’t we?

Well, unless you consider sex a total snooze-fest, it turns out our device dependence isn’t just about getting us through the tedium of the day. It could actually be jeopardizing your relationship and your sex life, too.

According to a recent poll, one in 10 people admitted to checking their phones during sex. Which means that 10 per cent of us don’t think that watching that video of Bautista getting slugged or replying to that work email can wait until after you’ve got your rocks off.

Less surprising was the news that 95 per cent of people used their phones during social gatherings and seven out of 10 use their phones while working – with users clocking up a total of two hours a day spent on their cell.

A study by the University of British Columbia and the University of Virginia assigned 221 students to maximize the interruptions of their smartphone by keeping it on vibrate or ring.

The students completed questionnaires at the end of the study and reported significantly more symptoms of inactivity and hyperactivity when alerts were turned on.

Alarmingly, the study found that participants who had not previously been diagnosed with ADHD were still experiencing some of the symptoms associated with the disorder – namely distraction, struggling to focus, fidgeting, getting bored easily, and finding difficulty in performing quiet tasks and activities.

Sound familiar?

I said, SOUND FAMILIAR? Put your phone down and concentrate puh-lease.

Thank you. So, what’s the cure?

Well, lucky for us, we can reduce the effects of overstimulation by simply turning our phones to silent or keeping them out of reach. With perseverance, you’ll be reaping the rewards of switching off in no time.

But seriously – stop checking your phone during sex starting TODAY.

It’s rude, it’s off-putting, and replying to a text from your mother while you’re naked is all kinds of weird.


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