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A McGill Student is Walking 500 Km From Montreal to Toronto for a Great Cause

The next time you complain about what a cold April we’re having, spare a thought for someone travelling from Montreal to Toronto – on foot.

Majdi Hareri, a McGill University student, is walking the 500-km stretch between the cities – 25km each day throughout the month of April – in an effort to raise awareness and money for refugees.

“The whole idea behind this walk was to support migrants and refugees in any way we can, to raise funds and awareness for them, and help alleviate the suffering they’re currently going through,” says Hareri in his first video on the Facebook page for the walk.

“I don’t know how thousands of refugees and migrants do this on a daily basis. This is only the first day and already it’s been quite tough.”

Majdi Hareri said that the Walk for Migrants and Refugees has so far been very humbling.

The McGill student initially planned to camp along the route, but with temperatures of reaching nine degrees below freezing (-16 with wind), he was forced to stay at a motel.

“I can’t believe four-year-old boys and girls, pregnant women, mothers, and children go through this physical agony. It just reassures me that we have to do whatever we can to provide whatever it is that they need.”

Madji regularly uploads vlog posts to his Facebook page, documenting his journey and using it as a time of reflection on the cause, Islamophobia, and other thoughts he has on the migrant crisis in Europe.

This week he passed the halfway mark, reaching Kingston on the ninth day of his walk. But he still has a way to go, and will need all the help and support he can get.

So far he has raised $1,334 for UNHCR, Doctors without Borders, and Islamic Relief Canada. To help him reach his target of $5,000, you can donate here.


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