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9 Great Meal Delivery Services in Toronto

It’s no surprise that busy young professionals rarely have time to cook after a long day in the office – but constantly succumbing to take-out on your way home will do damage to your health. Here are some options to help bring real food back into your life

Long gone are the days of coming home to a home cooked meal ready and waiting for you on the table.

Young professionals are busy career people by nature, and the hassle of buying groceries consistently, prepping them, finding a recipe, and making it every night is something most of us just don’t have time for.

And let’s be honest: many of us really never even learned how to cook.

Lucky for us, there are some terrific options to help simplify your life without ruining your health. Let someone else source all the local organic ingredients and prep or cook them for you.

Chef’s Plate
If you’re interested in cooking your own food or learning to cook but don’t have the time to look for recipes, grocery shop, and chop everything up, Chef’s Plate is the perfect option. With a price per plate of $12.50, it’s as affordable as that take-out you’d be grabbing otherwise – and this way you actually know what you’re putting inside your body.

Fresh Canteen
Another meal kit delivery service, Fresh Canteen helps you control what you’re eating by sending you the prepped ingredients and printed recipe of your choice meal from their varied weekly menus. Also coming in at $12.50 a meal, it’s a great option for those wanting to cook their own food.

The final meal kit option for busy cooks is Prepd, which wins in the pricing department at just $10 a meal and includes delivery. The only downside is that you only have four meal options to choose from every week, while the others offer six choices.

Paleo Toronto
For those who would rather skip cooking altogether, there are plenty of cooked meal options. If you’re gluten-free or following the very popular paleo lifestyle, Paleo Toronto has you covered. At $17.95 per meal, it’s not cheap – but grass fed organic healthy food tends to come at a price.

Eat Savage
Another company to help those adjusting to the paleo lifestyle is Eat Savage, offering a variety of cooked meals at various prices. They give a 10 per cent discount for orders over $50 and a 15 per cent discount for orders over $100. Best of all, they sell grass-fed bone broth, which isn’t always easy to find.

Essential Meal Delivery
Essential caters to the healthy lifestyle and also offers up paleo and gluten-free options. They win for customization; when ordering, you can request which proteins and veggies you do or don’t want used in your dishes, as well as list any food allergies you might, making it well worth the $15 – $18 per meal price.

Fuel Foods
Another gluten-free service, Fuel meals are priced at $16 per dish. They are committed to offering organic, grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone-free food. They’re also coming out with a vegan meal delivery option in the near future.

Healthy Diet Delivery
Coming in at about $9 per meal, Healthy Diet Delivery is an excellent choice for those on a budget. Even better, they offer customization based on your eating lifestyle – vegan, gluten-free, low carb, high fiber, low sodium, Atkins, low cholesterol, low fat, South Beach – you name it, they can make it happen.

Rose Reisman’s Personal Gourmet
Rose Reisman’s service offers up a few different options depending on your preference – fresh meals with gluten-free and low-carb options, frozen meals for those wanting to stock up, corporate catering for the workplace, and juice cleanses for those looking to detox.


Cover image from: Chef’s Plate

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