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80 Andy Warhol Originals Are Coming to Vancouver

Canada's largest ever collection of Andy Warhol works is coming to Vancouver for the entire month of March. Houses in a Yaletown warehouse, 'Warhol - A Different Idea of Love' will feature some of the pop artist's most recognized pieces

Vancouver will be home to Canada’s largest ever collection of Andy Warhol works – and the city’s first since 2004 – for the entire month of March. And in true 60s fashion, it’ll be housed in a warehouse in Yaletown (1280 Homer Street).

Making the trip will be some of Warhol’s most recognized works, including silkscreens of both Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. The iconic Campbell’s soup cans, however, will stay fixed at their MoMA residence.

The American pop artist is among the most collected in the world, his work amounting to almost 1,300 sales worth $653 million US at auction. 


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