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7 Situations In Which You Should Have Zero Expectations

We don’t mean to be negative.

We really don’t.

Normally we like to set high expectations for ourselves, but there are times when high expectations can be more hurtful than helpful.

Sometimes, we’d rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed.

So maybe keep that thought in mind when you find yourself in one of these seven situations.


First Dates
Of course, it only makes sense to approach first dates with an open mind and a positive attitude. But, if your picture of the other person is limited to photos on Tinder and Instagram, it’s easy to enter the restaurant or coffee shop with unrealistic expectations. Be wary, your imagination is a wonderful thing, but not always the most accurate.

New Relationships
If the first date does go well and you find yourself hanging out with the other person on the regular, don’t forget the lessons you’ve learned throughout your dating history. Anything can happen during the first six months of a relationship. Just because you begin on a high note doesn’t mean the two of you are destined to live happily ever after. In fact, if you start with extremely high expectations,  you have nowhere to go but down.

There are few better feelings than when your plane finally takes off and you’re bound for that much needed vacation. But for all the much research that you put into it,  as many dollars you’re dropping on it, and for all the stunning scenery that awaits – we’ve all had those vacations that we wish were as great as we pretend they are on social media. That’s why it’s always better to be pleasantly surprised when your trip turns out to be amazing rather than disappointed when your “dream vacation” is anything but.

Birthdays can be emotional at times, and if things don’t go exactly the way you had planned, it’s easier to be a little more hyper sensitive than you are on any of the other 364 days of the year. Whether someone important forgets to write or call, your birthday dinner sucks, your best friend can’t make your party, or you’re hungover from the night before, the higher your expectations, the more likely you are to be disappointed. But hey, it’s your party and you can cry if you want to.

Job Interviews
The only thing that you should focus on when it comes to job interviews is being prepared. No matter how amazing the job sounds, don’t go planning your route to work until you’ve signed a contract. Like auditions, you could completely nail the interview, but not get the job for reasons completely out of your control – some of them completely arbitrary.

Nights Out
The best nights out are usually the ones you enter without a set plan or any expectations, and let unfold naturally. If you set your expectations too high for what your friends (and social media) promise is the “party of the year,” you’re likely to return home disappointed, having wasted your time, money, and an outfit.

New Year’s Eve
Despite the fact that we party year-round, young professionals tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves when it comes to New Year’s Eve. We plan weeks (or even months) in advance, choose our company wisely, and buy a brand new outfit for the occasion. But let’s be honest; because we place so much pressure on the evening, most of the time, it’s a major disappointment. That is, unless you have zero expectations.


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