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5 Reasons Why RBC InvestEase™ is Our “Secret Helper” When It Comes to Investing

We all have a money story that we often don’t think about. Whether it’s a parent who helped you start a TSFA before you understood what that acronym meant or a grandparent who took half of your allowance and invested it instead of letting you spend it all frivolously on candy.

No matter how you first wrapped your head around the concept of investing, there was likely that one person who helped you first understand it – a “secret helper” if you will.

rbc-investease-investing-secret-helper-finance-moneyMany people put off investing for years, because they are afraid to sit down with someone and tell them their plan. The truth is not everyone knows where life is taking them, and it can be intimidating sitting down with a financial advisor and being asked questions you don’t know the answers to. We took part in the #RBCandME retreat up north with a number of entrepreneurs and influencers to break the stigmas around investing and the results were astonishing. We also had the opportunity to learn about an investment platform, which we have now deemed the grown-up version of our “secret helper”.

RBC InvestEase is a smart, easy to use online investing service to help you make your own investment decisions. It is built with intelligence and provides you with personalized portfolio suggestions based on your income, time horizon and goals. A huge benefit RBC InvestEase offers is the ability to help identify your personal risk level based on answering a few simple questions around the level of risk you are willing to take with your investments, which isn’t always an easy conversation when you’re investing with an advisor. RBC InvestEase can become your secret helper allowing you a gateway to investing while remaining user-friendly and keeping management fees low.


Here are 5 Reasons why we love it:

1) Instant portfolio recommendation
You can find out your recommended portfolios prior to even signing up. Many people invest in specific portfolios because a friend or family member does. In reality, what works for one person might not be the best option for someone else. When you sign up for RBC InvestEase you are able to see what is recommended for you based on the questions you have answered about your income and risk tolerance.

2) No need to visit a branch
It’s true you can create your account anytime, anywhere in Canada and know that the advisors behind the platform have your back. If you have questions or would like that personal touchpoint you can easily pick up the phone and one of the advisors will walk you through everything.

3) You can get started with as little as $1,000
You’ve got to start somewhere and unlike other investment platforms, RBC InvestEase allows you to start with as little as $1,000. Tony Matos a Portfolio Advisor explains, “RBC InvestEase is all about building trust with our clients and community. You shouldn’t have to invest 1 million dollars in order to get great service.”

4) Set it and forget it
Everything is automated, which is great for a busy person on the go! The advisors behind the scenes are the ones who can make decisions on your behalf.

5) Set auto transfers and watch your portfolio grow
If you don’t see it, you can’t spend it! RBC InvestEase makes it easy to set up automatic contributions from your account. This will allow you to grow your portfolio over time as opposed to contributing large chucks less frequently. Your money may as well be working for you if it’s sitting in your account.

Take a peek for yourself and see how RBC InvestEase can become your secret helper.

Chelsea Broderick

Chelsea Broderick is the Project Manager and contributing writer at Notable Life.