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5 Reasons Playing Golf is Good for Your Career

According to the PGA, executives who play golf make 17% more money than those who don’t.

Which is about as good a reason to get into the swing of things as the chance to occasionally yell (‘fore’) at random strangers.

Luckily though, playing golf isn’t just about the dollar bills, it’s about a way of life. Although this way of life just happens to blend a healthy outdoors experience with highly successful people who are more effective in business.

No big deal.

Still whiffing? Let us break it all down for you with 5 reasons playing golf is good for your career:


It’s Fun
You know this doesn’t take place in an office, right? So as long as you’re not taking yourself(or others) too seriously, a round of golf offers the chance to relax and enjoy both nature and the company you’re with. Tell some jokes, have a few laughs, and go ahead and take a mulligan on us. Having fun with colleagues and clients is the easiest way to be thought of as someone they want to work with.

It’s a Shared Experience
This is a chance to get to know someone, not close a deal – you don’t create memories sitting at a boardroom table. Contracts, sure, but if you want to actually connect with someone and make a few memories, spending the day on the links is how you do it. Just like having fun with them, shared memories and stories (like that awful 4-putt you took on the 18th) will help you build strong relationships with colleagues and clients alike.

It’s a Challenge
Everyone seems like someone you want to work with when they’re in a happy, easy-going place. But give them a chance to be competitive (with you or with themselves) and you’ll know what kind of person you’re playing with. A round of golf can be an excellent judge of character. Use a quick 18 to discover as much as you can about a new or potential client or colleague.

It’s Accessible
From sun up to sun down, nine holes or eighteen, beginner level to the toughest test, close to the city or in vacation country, you can find the perfect course for you and your favourite caddy friend, colleague, or potential client anytime you want. (Check out the full list of amazing ClubLink courses here). Making a course your ‘second office’ will quickly make you notable around the boardroom table…and away from it, too.

It’s Healthy
Once again, not being stuck in the office is always major plus for your well-being, especially when you’re out walking beautiful fairways. Skip the cart and work up a sweat instead – walking an average 18-hole course can burn up to 900 calories. Playing a round will make you feel better about your body as much as your business. And when everyone you’re with leaves in a good mood, that can only mean good things for you.

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