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24 Hours in Toronto with the New Audi Q3

We gave four young professionals from four different Canadian cities the chance to get behind the wheel of the brand new Audi Q3 for a full 24 hours. And we couldn't be more excited to share the results...

Four cities. Four young professionals. Four brand new Audi Q3s.

And so far, a growing number of love connections.

We selected four on-the-go young professionals (YPs) in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver to spend a full 24 hours with a potential new love interest: The agile new Audi Q3 SUV.

And let’s just say that after bonding with the new premium set of wheels, these YPs were crushing hard. We can’t blame them; at first look alone the Q3 definitely makes a first impression in a love-at-first-sight type of way. 

Our Toronto driver is entrepreneur Jennifer Dang, who’s been a staple in the city’s bridal industry for the last decade. She owns and operates a busy bridal boutique (Ferré Sposa), co-owns an upcoming online bridal accessories rental business, and has appeared as a bridal stylist on The Marilyn Denis Show, Wedding Week on Rogers, and Keasha’s Perfect Dress.

When it comes to owning a car, it’s pretty much a necessity for Dang. After all, she has precious cargo in tow – the single most important and expensive gown a woman will likely ever own.

We sat down with her to hear a little more about her experience…

Describe what you do in under 140 characters. Go.
I own and operate Toronto bridal boutique Ferré Sposa and am co-founder of LUVYT, an online bridal accessories rental business. I’m also a freelance bridal stylist.

What mobility challenges do you face in your city?
Tight parking spots, potholes, and what Torontonian doesn’t complain about the traffic?

What do you use a car for in your daily life? 
I think the better question is what wouldn’t I use it for? I live right by a subway station and the only time I really take the subway is when I’m heading to my gym, which is only 5 stops away on the same subway line. Otherwise, I use my car for everything.

1. Business: Getting to and from meetings, buying trips, purchasing supplies, transportation to shoot sets, bridal shows (transportation and set up).

2. Leisure: Other than the usual, probably most notably to see my parents every weekend who live in Vaughan, and for ski-trips.

As a young urban professional, why is the freedom a car provides important to you? 
Being an entrepreneur, time is so important. With a fully packed schedule, the luxury of having a car means not having to wait for anything or anyone else. The car equals efficiency.

What’s most important to you about a car? 
In order of importance: Drive and handling (including 4 wheel drive), compact but spacious, fuel-efficiency…not too much to ask!

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you see the all-new Audi Q3? 
That it’s a sporty SUV.

How does it make you feel to sit behind the wheel of the all-new Audi Q3?
It’s compact but spacious, making everything from parking to transporting 30 wedding gowns to our designer trunk show event a breeze!

What is the overall experience the all-new Audi Q3 offers to you?
It’s incredibly spacious but still compact and easy to drive in the city.

Why is the Audi Q3 such a good fit for the urban young professional?  
I drive a sedan, so with Audi’s luxury drive and handling, I barely noticed our city’s rough roads. The spaciousness is also definitely a plus.

And finally, what to you is notable? Besides the Q3 of course…
I make business and life decisions based on three things: Love, beauty and experience. Love is where we connect, beauty is what we see, and experience is what we remember. If it’s got those, it’s notable in my books.

So what are you waiting for? Check out your next car right here


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