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18 Signs You Need to Take a Serious Break from Partying

Most young professionals are known to play almost as hard as they work – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Except that it’s all too easy to take it too far, especially when the city is full of parties and events to temp you. Here are 18 signs you need to take a break from partying

When there’s so much happening in our cities on any given night of the week, it’s easy to get caught up in “the scene.”

And, as hard as we all work, it’s also easy to let loose on the weekends. Every weekend. 

But are you partying a little too hard? If so, it never hurts to take a little break from booze, bars, and bruises. 

Here are 18 signs you need to do just that.  

1. Weekends Exhaust You Rather Than Refresh You
Monday mornings are especially more brutal for you than they are for the rest of your office. That’s because you went hard all weekend long – from happy hour cocktails on Friday to a booze-filled Sunday Funday that started with mimosas and ended with a bottle (each) of wine at dinner.

2. You’ve Lost at Least One Phone in the Last Six Months During a Night Out 
Because of this, you wake up every Saturday in a mad panic as to whether you lost your phone the night before when it’s not beside you in bed. When you discover it safe and sound, you’re actually sort of proud of yourself – especially if you have your wallet too. 

3. You’re Hungover Right Now, Trying to Cure it With a Caesar, and Already Know You’ll Be Hungover Again Tomorrow 
That’s just the way your weekend goes. 
4. You’re Slacking in the Workout Department 
Not only are you clocking in less weekend hours at the gym thanks to those epic hangovers, you’re noticeably softer in areas that you didn’t use to be. You know exactly why too – and so does your liver. 

5. You’ve Drunk Texted Someone You Regret for as Many Weekends in a Row as You Can Remember 
And that could be the reason you’re either single or in relationship turmoil.
6. You Often Have No Clue How You Got Home 
But you’re always proud if you’ve managed to undress yourself and do a half-assed attempt at your pre-bed routine before passing out on your face. And if you manage to remove your contacts – bonus. 

7. You Spend More Money on Booze Than You Do Food Each Week 
And you don’t even have to add up the numbers to know that’s a fact.
8. You Experience Over-the-Top FOMO 
Your FOMO is so bad that you’d skip out early on a family member’s funeral to attend an amazing party. 

9. You Currently Have an Unidentified Party Wound (UPW), and it’s Not Your First of the Month
In fact, you rarely know where half of the bruises on your body come from.
10. Getting out of Bed Before Noon on the Weekend Never Happens 
Weekend mornings are for sleeping off your hangover. You think friends who make brunch plans before 1pm are seriously messed up in the head. 

11. You Can Only Go Out on the Town if You Drink 
Drinking and going out have always been synonymous to you. The thought of going to a bar or club and not being a little buzzed actually gives you anxiety.
12. You’re Either Drunk or Have a Drink in Your Hand in 90 Per Cent of Your Social Media Posts 
And you don’t have to check right now to be sure of that. 

13. You’re Not as Reliable as You Once Were
Whether it was that time you were an hour late for that brunch, or completely unprepared for a work meeting, your wild nights out have made you a lot less dependable than you once were.

14. You Would Never Opt for a Night Out with a Sober Friend
The whole idea of hitting the town with a sober person seems like your idea of torture. Really, what’s the point? 

15. You Often Wake Up Embarrassed About Something You Said or Did the Night Before
And the only thing that makes you feel better about it is to get drunk and forget it ever happened. 
16. Partying and “The Scene” is the Most Important Thing in Your Life 
Dates, client meetings, and days with the niece and nephew all revolve around your party – and subsequently hangover – schedule. Like a child, the scene always comes first. 

17. You See Way More of Your “Party Friends” Than You Do Your Actual Friends 
You don’t remember when you last hung out with your actual friends – you know, the ones you could call crying or who would help you move. The ones who you know better by their Instagram handle than their actual name, on the other hand, you’ve already seen twice this week.

18. You Constantly Tell Yourself You’ll Never Do it Again – Then Do it Anyway 
You have every intention to stop and realize it’s no longer a good look to be known as a “party person.” Yet, you’ll go out tonight and do it all again.

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