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13 Vancouver Bars and Restaurants You Need to Hit Before the End of Summer

Something has appeased the weather gods, and we’ve been graced with an early and scorching hot summer. But make no mistake – these blue skies will be gone before we know it.

The season for carb loading in the back of a dimly lit lounge may be (all too quickly) just around the corner, but there’s still time to carpe the diem. So we’ve put together a summer bucket list of our favourite spots, old and new, to take in the fresh and breezy views.

In no particular order, here are 13 Vancouver bars and restaurants you need to hit before the end of summer…


WildTale Coastal Grill
Yaletown veterans will know this patio well from its days as Glowbal Grill. Co-owners John Crook and Eric Heck (the brains behind Flying Pig) revived the space to its former glory as a neighbourhood hotspot.


Beach Bay Café
This is one of the city’s newest restaurants, brightening up the old home of Raincity Grill. The menu is deliciously fresh and upscale, and the unobstructed view of English Bay can’t be beat.

Beach Bay Cafe

The Greek by Anatoli
We’ve heard from more than a few people that this is some of the best and most authentic cuisine you can get outside of Greece. Add some chilled ouzo and you’ll be transported to a hot Mykonos night in no time.

The Greek by Anatoli

The laidback Kits vibe is perfectly captured at this summer staple. Bonus points for beach proximity.


Refined, tasteful, upscale. We’d confidently rank this Vancouver’s sexiest patio.


This small patio packs a big punch of Euro ambience. Also, Chambar preaches a philosophy of ‘civilized debauchery’, which is (‘coincidentally’) one we also happily subscribe to.


Lift Bar & Grill
Lift is perched on stilts above the water and tucked away behind The Westin Bayshore. If you can’t score a spot on the multi-level patio, the moveable walls open up the entire main floor to the fresh ocean breeze.


Fresh sushi and cold sake on a hot summer night. Perfection. Many still don’t know about the hidden patio in the back, so you’d be surprised at how easy it is to snag a spot.


The Westin Grand’s Pop Up Patio
Poolside, DJ, live action BBQ, and delicious frozen cocktail concoctions make this one a no-brainer. This gem is only open Thursdays and Fridays in June, July, and August (and only on sunny days), so don’t delay.

Westin Grand Pop Up Patio

Tacofino Gastown
Patios are scarce in this neighbourhood. This one has the bonus of the edgy ambience of Blood Alley.


Mahoney & Sons Stamps Landing
Access this prime False Creek location via the Aquabus and you’ll be sure to impress your land-locked friends from the East.

Mahoney & Sons

No patio here, but raucous, tequila-fueled nights have a way of filling this space with an undeniable summer glow.


This waterfront patio is constantly ranked among the best in the city, and it lives up to the hype (as long as you don’t mind a Granville Island parking fiasco).



Mitchell Fawcett