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12 Signs You Seriously Need a Vacation

Is the beach calling your name? Are you more irritable than ever? Is your sanity slowly slipping away?

There are so many reasons to take a vacation, but these are all signs that you’re well overdue.


Your Small Problems Seem Huge
We all have those days when everything annoys us. But when we just can’t handle even the tiniest of problems, there may be a bigger issue at hand.

If you are so stressed at work that small problems keep snowballing into huge deals, it might be time for you to take a few days away from the office to recharge.

You Keep Getting Asked if You’re Okay
Shakira was right that our hips don’t lie – and neither do our faces.

If your coworkers keep commenting on how tired you look or asking if you feel all right or if something is wrong, you may need a little R&R to revive yourself.

You Keep Making Mistakes
Confusion, indecision, lack of concentration, and poor memory are among the top signs of work-related stress.

While it is normal to make mistakes here and there, if you notice you are making more mistakes than usual and/or tasks are taking twice as long as normal to complete, you should probably take a break.

Your Glass is Always Half-Empty
Unless you hate the world more than Grumpy Cat, a continuous bad mood and negative attitude can be a sign that you’re stressed or overwhelmed. Negative or depressive feelings are the top emotional sign of stress.

If you carry on the cynical cycle, you might be on the verge of burning out. Take a step back from work and spend some time doing the things you love to help lift your spirits.

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Your Body is Sore
Backaches, strained eyes, headaches, and tense muscles are all ways of your body saying it needs to relax. When you are stressed or overworked, your body will send you signals to let you know when it’s had enough.

Listen to these signals and book your trip to the spa ASAP.

You Can’t Fall Asleep
If you’re having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you could possibly be suffering from acute insomnia. Acute insomnia, also called adjustment insomnia or short-term insomnia, usually stems from stress.

Tossing and turning all night will not do you any favours at work the next day – and it can lead to all kinds of health problems like increased weight gain and lowered immune system. Take some time to rest and hopefully cure the bedtime blues.

You Need a Glass Bottle of Wine (Every. Single. Night.)
Sometimes a drink is a nice way to unwind; however, if you feel you need a drink to calm your nerves every day, you might be overworked or overstressed. Alcohol can be used as a coping mechanism for stress and can be very dangerous if you become dependent.

A vacation might be the trick you need to find your inner zen in a healthy way, so you can leave the drinks for the occasional happy hour. Until then, try activities like running or yoga to destress.

You Can’t Turn Off Your Thoughts About Work
You’re always thinking about work. At the gym. On the subway. At home.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you constantly find yourself worrying about work or making a mental to-do list for the next day. If your work thoughts are interfering with your enjoyment of life – or contributing to that acute insomnia – it’s time to spend a week work-free.

Your Health Isn’t Great
Can’t seem to shake that nasty cold? Gained or lost a lot of weight fast? Snacking too much on junk food?

Put down the chips and step away from the office. Stress is a common trigger for all kinds of health problems. Spend some time taking care of yourself before returning to the office.

You Literally Hide from Work
You’d give anything for a moment of silence. You often take refuge in the bathroom, your car, or anywhere you can hide from your colleagues. You think about throwing your computer out of the window – multiple times a day.

When the office becomes a negative place in our minds it can be detrimental to our health and our productivity. If this sounds like you then you probably need a vacation.

Your Loved Ones Forget What You Look Like
Work hard, play hard. Right? But if you forget the “play” part then you’re on the fast track to burning out.

If you constantly choose overtime over quality time with your loved ones, or if your job requires long hours, book off the occasional vacation to spend reconnecting with your spouse, family, and friends.

It’s Been a While (and You Deserve It)
You don’t have to be on the verge of the breaking point to justify taking a vacation. You work hard and you should have some me-time.

Whether it’s a staycation or a destination vacation, enjoy it. You deserve it.

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Melissa Stuckless

Melissa is a Toronto-based writer and communications professional who is currently penning her debut novel. She believes that champagne is the solution to any problem and that dreaming big is the key to success.Melissa is a Toronto-based writer and communications professional who is currently penning her debut novel. She believes that champagne is the solution to any problem and that dreaming big is the key to success.