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10 American Things We Wish Would Come to Canada

Sure, life in Canada is pretty sweet.

Just take a look at these 26 things we can brag to Americans about.

The thing is, our friends south of the border have a few things we are a little jealous of. So in honour of their big day, we thought we’d give them a little credit. ‘Cause as great as Canada is, these are 10 American things we wish would come to Canada.

Happy Birthday, ‘Murica.


The Ability to Buy Alcohol Everywhere
Although their drinking age pretty much makes zero sense, at least our friends south of the border can buy booze at the local variety store (and pretty much anywhere else) anytime they want. Must be nice.

U.S. Netflix
Some days, we’re tempted to relocate south of the border simply for the Netflix options. Everyone knows that US Netflix is about 700 times better than Canadian Netflix. And given out longer hibernation season, this just seems plain backwards to us.

Cheesecake Factory
If you’re craving a comforting, calorie-filled, all-American meal of epic proportions, the Cheesecake Factory is always a good idea. Though it could lose its novelty if it were available here, at least it would make for a no-fail restaurant option with the niece and nephew.

F.A.O. Schwartz
Speaking of your niece and nephew, nothing will score you “aunt or uncle of the year award” more than a trip to F.A.O. Schwartz. After taking in the over-stimulation and limitless options (many of which are unavailable in Canada) of the toy heaven, you’ll realize that Toys R Us just doesn’t compare. This is a birthday-saver.

Sorry, but we’re not sorry to say that American football is so much more enticing than Canadian football. And sorry, but the Grey Cup just can’t compare to Super Bowl Sunday.

Relax, we’re kidding.

When it comes to celebrating out nations’ birthday, Americans always manage to do so with a fireworks display that cuts no corners – no matter where they may be celebrating. In Canada, if you try buying more than one Roman Candle at a time you’ll be put on a watch list.

While we have no shortage of winter vacation options in our home and native land, it wouldn’t hurt to have a stunning tropical paradise like Hawaii just sitting in our own backyard when the dark depths of winter hit.

Shake Shack
Sure, we love our army of food trucks. But would it hurt to add a (incredibly delicious) “roadside” burger stand to the equation? It just sucks when the craving strikes for a gourmet Shake Shack hotdog and shake and knowing that you’ll have to hop on a plane (or take a very ambitious road trip) to get it.

Cherry Cola
Though cherry cola has enjoyed periodic stints in Canada, it is far from universally available the way it is in the US. And we find that rather limiting when it comes to our summer rum ‘n coke options.



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