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YP Hot Spot: L’île Noire

With the season 5 debut of Mad Men just around the corner, fans of the AMC hit show will be happy to know that scotch is alive and well in Montreal. Make a stop at L'ile Noire if you're after that refined, perfectly-aged liquid bronze

There is one drink that seems essential to the stereotypical young professional: a good glass of smoky scotch. We don’t know what makes scotch so refined and executive, maybe Mad Men has something to do with it. For those YPs who love scotch and are constantly searching for a bar somewhere that actually serves a choice of refined scotches, then we may have found an answer. Enter: L’île Noire Pub. Their new location on 1649 rue Saint-Denis is more lounge-like than bar-like compared to their old location on Ontario but the friendly attitude will still make you feel right at home.

L’île Noire is notable as it’s the only place in Montreal that we’ve found to have not only such a wide selection of scotch (over 140 choices), but also reasonable prices. Note: if you’re interested in a very rare or well-aged whisky or scotch, be prepared to pay for what you’re getting. However, that being said, they charge less for their glasses than anywhere else would. The seating in the front area is open but quite lively and full. Have no fear; if you’re looking to have a conversation with your drink, they have a back room, which is much quieter and perfect for a business conversation.

The entire space is warm and inviting. The staff are all knowledgeable about the selection of scotches and where they come from, and are more than willing to share their knowledge with you. That said, beware of asking for your scotch on the rocks unless you don’t mind a little bullying. Though they have the right scotch glasses and disagree with icing your drink, the staff never come off as pretentious. They do approve of a little water in your scotch, if you feel the need. Whether you know your scotch well or not, they always have a dégustation or a recommendation. Don’t like scotch? Don’t worry. They have beer and cider selections, too.

Everything about this place is inviting; the décor, the staff, the music, the prices and the location. One of the most pleasant things to do at L’île Noire is to take your drink to the window and watch the world roll down St. Denis, one of Montreal’s especially beautiful streets.

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