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Watch Drake Rep Canada on SNL in These Hilarious Sketches

When it comes to chart-topping rappers you wouldn’t mind taking home to meet your mom, Drake is pretty much the undisputed champion.

But it also turns out he has some pretty awesome comedy credentials to boot, which he proved when he hosted SNL this weekend.

The Toronto rapper was the latest Canadian to represent the North on the comedy sketch show – but unlike Ryan Gosling, he needed no encouragement.

Drake didn’t take long to get the Toronto party started, asking the audience if there was anyone from the 6ix representing. He then proceeded to tell Americans that they may not stay with him if Trump is elected president.

He launched into a rap about how frustrated he is that we only love him for his memes as images of him sitting in the Seinfeld diner and as E.T sitting in Eliot’s basket flashed across the screen.

In a sketch called Black Jeopardy, Drake played a contestant called Jared who couldn’t take the TTC (no surprises there) but managed to make it there in time for the show anyway.

Incredulous that black Canadians actually exist, the host (Keenan Thompson) was repeatedly puzzled by Jarrod’s answers, as time and time again he referenced the Great White North.

When asked which crazy 80s comedian was known for his raw and delirious routines, he responded “Oh, he’s hilarious, dawg, who is Rick Moranis?”

He also referenced NHL player Jaromir Jagr, and even gave a shoutout to Juno-nominated Toronto rapper Kardinal Offishall.

Exasperated by his Canadian-driven responses, the host informs him that “it’s like you landed here on Earth from a spaceship” before delivering the ultimate blow. “No good rap comes from Canada.”

And when Jared rebukes this, giving Drake as an example, Thompson asks, “Who are these people?”

One of the funniest sketches comes from Drake’s parody of his Meek Mill beef, as the touchy rapper takes offence with virtually every SNL cast member.

As host and musical guest, Drake also performed his new single, “One Dance” – and despite complaining about the internet’s incessant meme making after his Hotline Bling video, he was ready with yet another dance extravaganza in a box.

But maybe meme fodder was his plan all along. After all, it’s made him pretty successful so far.


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