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This is the Ultimate Revenge When Someone Asks You to Google Something for Them

We all have that one person in our daily lives who seems to think we're their own personal search engine. Well, it's time to shut them up and show them how easy it is to search for themselves

It happens multiple times a day.

Someone asks you an annoying question that they should have just asked Google.

Which is weird, ‘cause you’re definitely not Google and, assuming they still have the use of their hands and fingers (or even voice), they could have just typed it in just as easily themselves. 

Well, here is the best way to remind them of just that.

Simply go to, type in the exact question they asked you (Say, How often does it rain in Vancouver?) and hit enter. A link will then immediately be created that you can send to your friend/parent/boss (if you want to get fired).


The link is shortened so they won’t be able to tell what it is, and when they click on it a Google page will open up and show the question they asked you being typed in to the search bar and a mouse clicking the search button.

The page will ask, “Was that so hard?” before actually taking your frustrating questioner to the answers they simply could not manage to find on their own.

It’s the perfect troll. They get what they want, and you burn them in the process. 


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