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The Sticky Note Gets Reinvented for Our Modern Age

A start-up out of Finland has reinvented the sticky note as we know it – and the idea is starting to stick in a major way. The company is now scrambling to meet the massive demand for Magnetic, a sticky note that is static-charged and works like a whiteboard

It was only a matter of time before the good, old-fashioned sticky note was no longer the sticky note we grew up knowing. 

And the idea is really starting to stick.  

In the modern day sticky note, the “stickiness” is replaced with a static-charged alternative. It’s the brainchild of Tesla Amazing, founded in Moscow by two Russian cousins, co-CEOs Dmitry Samoylovskikh and Alexei Bragin, Finnish engineer Mika Sjoholm, and American Elizabeth Bagot. 

The only problem is that the company is now in a sticky situation, with thousands of orders more than expected when they started a Kickstarter campaign to raise capital. 

The Magnetic has two sides: one for writing, and another that functions like a white board with dry-erase markers. 

Their notepaper is given a static charge, which enables it to stick to any dry surface for months at a time.

In addition to giving each of their backers a package of Magnetic products, Amazing Tesla is doing a little good as well. The company said that for every $1000 raised, it would deliver a package of school supplies to a school in Africa – and in person.  

Backers who donated more than $500 can also accompany them on their trip. 

Now, with almost 6000 backers and more than $295,000 CAD raised, the company finds itself not only scrambling to fulfill orders in their small factory in Finland, but planning to visit hundreds of African schools. 

A promise is a promise, right? 

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