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The Rules of Slurping: A Guide to Ramen at Goro and Gun

If you have seen Pretty Woman you’ll recall that hilarious scene where Julian Roberts is struggling to appear proper but for the life of her can’t recall which fork to use with which course. Who can’t relate to that moment? Here is a solution

Leave the a la carte and fancy linens to others and take in a more relaxed culinary journey at Goro + Gun next time hunger calls. This upscale noodle joint is conveniently located in the TD Square, which means it’s probably just a hop, skip and a jump during or right after work hours. Here you’ll feel right at home with long dining tables, open kitchen, and the ultimate in Japanese comfort food: ramen.

Here’s what you need to know before you go:

What’s in a Name?
Chances are good you’ve never seen the film Tampopo – and that’s OK – but for those of you who like a little trivia, this was the inspiration behind the restaurant’s name.

Yes, it’s a ‘ramen Western’.

The story focuses around the tale of two truck drivers (Goro and Gun) who end up working in a ramen shop and saving the day.

Very fitting.

The Real Deal
Before opening up shop in Calgary, Chef Tomo spent years working in five-star restaurants in Osaka, Japan, so you can trust that you’re in good hands when you sit at one of his tables. 

Even more interesting, Chef Tomo holds the prestigious title of being one of the few people around who certified to safely prepare fugu, ptherwise known as the super lethal blowfish (an incredibly deadly delicacy when not made properly).

Made in House
There’s nothing worse than dining in Asian restaurants where the table is lined with bottles of soy sauces and hot sauces that you know have been sitting there since your last visit. At Goro and Gun, all the sauces are made in-house. 

And further to that point, all dishes are MSG-free.  

The Ramen
Everyone loves comfort food, and after trying ramen there’s really no going back. This is like chicken soup x100. 

With each bowl arriving at your table, you’re instantly hit with the sweet aromatic umami aromas of soy, miso, garlic and sesame, and it will quickly make you forget about what else is going on around you.

Just let that terrible morning meeting or crappy commute melt away.

While the broth is definitely worth writing home about, the real winner of the ramen bowl is the smoked egg that adds a whole other level of flavour.

Slurp Protocol
Most of us worry about bringing out best of manners when eating out, but this is not one of those times when you need to be concerned.

The best way to enjoy ramen is to consume it piping hot, so as soon as that bowl arrives at your table it’s go time. Follow these steps to optimize your ramen experience:

1. If you have business to discuss with friends or colleagues, you’ll have to pause those conversations so you can give the noodles your full attention.

2. If you’ve ever spent any time in noodle shops overseas, you’ll realize there’s an art form to eating ramen; for a few minutes, it means becoming one with the noodles. To best avoid spillage, you’ll want to bow your head over the dish. 

*And don’t worry about looking rude. This will save you from coming up with noodle sauce on your shirt and face, which looks way worse.

3. Unlike most culinary experiences, this one is all about speed. The faster you can suck the noodles, the more success you’ll have.

4. Don’t be afraid to make noise. It’s actually considered etiquette to slurp loudly while eating ,so don’t be shy. Pretend you’re at the kids table for Christmas dinner and make as many sounds as you like.


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