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Tequila Tromba Set to Hit LCBO Shelves

Tequila Tromba is an ultra-premium, boutique-produced tequila that highlights the Mexican signature's soft and sweet notes, making it sippable on ice and enjoyable on the regular. Young professionals should be excited to know that it is now available in over 100 LCBO locations

There’s what you thought was tequila, and then there’s Tromba. Tromba is an ultra-premium, boutique-produced tequila crafted in small batches and is one of the few sippable tequilas out there thanks to its soft and sweet notes. In fact, the tequila we all know (though would sometimes like to forget), the one that usually results in shooting, chasing and face grimacing, is not tequila at all. That’s right, Tromba is the real deal and subsequently introduces tequila’s gentler, tastier side. It’s refreshing nature means that it can be enjoyed straight, mixed with fresh citrus flavours or as a cocktail base. The mandate of Tromba is to inspire a tequila revolution and bring 100 per cent agave tequila to the international stage.

Premium tequila is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave that grows in Mexico’s Jalisco region and it’s surrounding municipalities and is crafted in accordance with the strictest traditional methods. Just as the Champagne region of France is the only region legally allowed to label it’s sparkling wine as genuine Champagne, only tequila produced under the strict traditional guidelines of the Jalisco and its surrounding regions qualifies to call itself genuine tequila ne distillate. There is therefore no reason to shoot pure tequila, unless for the pure fun of it all.  Most tequila is not true tequila and is actually made from 51% agave and 49% low grade. Tromba is about quality over quantity and thus relies on small-scale, crafted batches to ensure the Master Distiller can oversee most of the process.


Tequila loving YPs can take solace in the fact that Tromba is now available in over 100 stores all over the province. It is now also available in over 75 favourite young professional venues around the city, including Amber, Nyood, The Thompson Hotel, Goodnight, The Drake Hotel, Brassaii and more. Tromba will be the only independent tequila brand on the LCBO core list of products, a pretty impressive accomplishment from a relatively new YP start up, with the LCBO being the largest purchaser of wine and spirits in the world. Tromba will join the ranks against 13 massive Tequila companies with big budgets and a large sales force.  

Tromba is brought to us from Toronto YP Eric Brass, who fell in love with the tequila while doing an exchange from the Richard Ivey School of Business in 2005. From a simple idea and desire to share this special tequila drinking experience, Tromba has already won three awards and is distributed internationally, from the UK and Australia to China. At the LCBO, Tromba’s retail price is $49.95, a 40% discount to its ultra-premium competitors. Try some actual tequila for a change, we promise you’ll have a better relationship with it this time around.

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