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Is This Toronto Restaurant’s “White” Label Racist?

Some people deem it racist, others find it hilarious. We’re just here to give you the facts: A Toronto restaurant’s menu has gone viral after a reddit user posted a photo of its spicy scale… Just kidding, we’re going to chime in – this is not racist. Another reddit user

BuzzFeed Canada Posts Ad for Writers Who Are Strictly Not White and Male

The white man has his privilege, to be sure. What he does not have is a choice to be white or a man, which would deem hiring policy based on his race and gender, for example, to be discriminatory. This, it seems, Buzzfeed Canada senior writer and part-time social justice warrior Scaachi

Stop Saying ‘Man Braids’ Are a Thing Just Because White Guys Are Doing it Now

Here’s the thing about mainstream human behaviour: only when white people jump on a fad will a lot of media feel the movement is fit to declare a trend. Take twerking, for example. Born out of the predominately African-American hip-hop scene in New Orleans, twerking’s been around for over two decades. No one

6 Steps to Keep Your Sneakers White

Nothing is better than a new pair of white, crisp kicks. Once you have found the ones you love, it is a commitment and challenge keeping them clean. Here are some tips to preserve and protect your white sneakers