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The Perfect Wines to Get Cozy With This Fall

The signs are clear, Canada is slowly but surely rolling back into Stage 2 of the pandemic protocol. Though the ongoing uncertainty has had its own host of challenges to manage, with cooler months ahead of us and patio season on the out, now is a great time to stock

Looking for a Wine Adventure? Head To this French Wine Region

If you love wine, then it really is essential that you dive into the glorious place that is called the Rhône Valley. With an enthusiastic spirit, bring your curiosity and a thirsty palate, because you certainly won’t be disappointed in what you taste and discover. Located in the southern part

Meet the European Grape of the Summer

Looking for a wine adventure?  Let me introduce you to one grape who offers multiple types of personalities. She’s crisp and cool, as well as dry and full. She’s Spanish, French, Italian, old and young, and: last but not least, versatile, beautiful and surprising. Getting excited yet? In Spain, her

Introducing Miss Sauvignon Blanc

I am a wine enthusiast. Part of my raison d’être is making sure I learn about wine, grapes and regions, not just from reading books and attending tastings, but also through real-life experiences. As a visual learner, I like to connect words and facts with feelings, photos and imagery.  Learning

6 Reasons to Keep White Wine Around for the Winter

And here you were thinking you should put your white wine away for the winter. Well, simply put – don’t do that. ‘Cause over the coming months there will be many times when a glass of white will be the most appropriate and appreciated option – especially if it’s a glass of Aveleda Wine