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How to Appropriately Deal with Americans During the Election, From an American

As I stuffed my mouth with buttered popcorn, he hit me with that question. “Who are you voting for?” My normal knee-jerk reaction is to laugh awkwardly and change the subject while screaming internally, “It’s none of your damn business!” This time, however, with my mouth full of popcorn and a

Uber is Offering New Users Free Rides to and From Voting Polls Today

In case you’re somehow unaware, today is election day. This year, you have absolutely no excuse to forgo your duty to vote. Polling stations are literally everywhere, your employer is obliged to grant you three hours of time to cast your ballot, and Uber is even taking care of your

7 Good Reasons Every Millennial Should Vote

We really hope we don’t have to tell you that October 19 is federal election day in Canada. Not only should you care, you should make it a mission to make it to the polling station to cast your vote. According to a Statistics Canada report released yesterday, more young