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TTC will increase fares next year to fight fare evasion and racism

Yesterday, the most hotly contested document of the year was released. I am talking, of course, about the 2020 TTC budget. Most notable for transit riders is that most fares will increase starting in March: A 10-cent increase to Presto fares ($3.20) A $4.85 increase to monthly Presto passes ($156)

Greyhound Will Only Operate in Ontario and Quebec Starting This October

Greyhound Canada has announced that it will be discontinuing all bus routes in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba as of October 31st, 2018. It will also stop routing buses through Northwestern Ontario, which means anything beyond Sudbury is axed. In British Columbia, all routes will be discontinued except

From A to B: 5 Tips for a Better Commute to Work

From the moment you exit your house for work to the moment you enter it again, you are adorned the unshakable label “commuter.” In a perfect world we would all be first in line to get on the train every morning, with a fresh cup of coffee in hand, and

Seth Rogen Might Be the Next Voice of the TTC and SkyTrain

It’s been around seven years since the voices announcing stops along TTC subway lines were replaced by a robot. (In 2007, TTC administrative assistant Cheryl Bomé and communications assistant Susan Bigioni recorded stop announcements for TTC subways, buses, and streetcars; in 2011, the announcements on subways were replaced by a computer-generated voice).

Toronto Commuters Will Soon Be Able to Pick Up Their Groceries at GO Stations

Groceries: ain’t nobody got time for that. Recognizing no business can survive these days without offering an on-the-go service, Loblaws and Metrolinx are teaming up to outfit GO transit stations with grocery pick-up locations. The locations – kiosks, lockers or refrigerated trucks – will be located within close proximity to the parking lot