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Study: Stop Ending Your Texts with Periods, Jerk.

Research says you’re a dick if you end your texts with a period. Of course, your friends have probably been telling you that for years. A study conducted by a whole team of people from Binghamton University determined that texts ending with a period were rated as less sincere than those

Worst First Date Ever? Guy Asks for $9 Back After Rejected for Second Date

We’ve talked to you about dating. A. Lot. But, it seems, there are simply some things that cannot be taught. Like, grace, humility, and how not to be a total d-bag. Well, Luke Mackay‘s friend recently went out with the latter – and Mackay posted the text conversation to prove it. In

The 15 Worst Texts You Can Send (or Receive)

We’ve all sent them. And we’ve all felt the sting that comes with receiving them, too. But in an effort to make the most basic form of communication as clear as possible, we’re here to remind you of every text you shouldn’t be sending. They’re annoying, frustrating, and downright rage-inducing.