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Grand Prix de Montréal : Les où, quand & quoi!

La frénésie entourant le Grand Prix de Montréal a conquis toute la ville, et les événements et soirées foisonnent alors que les touristes affluent. Il y a tellement à faire durant cette semaine toujours si mouvementé et excitante, que nous avons compilé les où, quand & quoi à mettre à vos agendas ce week-end. Voici donc nos incontournables

Grand Prix Montreal: The What, Where And When

With the major buzz of the Grand Prix already circulating around the city and abroad since last week, the events and parties are piling up and out of towners are rolling in! So much to do during this hectic but oh-so exciting week, that we wanted to break down the what, where and when for your social calendar this week. Here are our must-attends

SUWU Restaurant: The New Kid On The Block

Wednesday night brought out some of the most fashion savvy rolled-up jean cuff-wearing cool kids in Montreal for the opening of SUWU, situated at the boisterous intersection of Boulevard St. Laurent and Rue Prince Arthur. We knew it was going to be good night when A Tribe Called Quest was playing in the background and our drinks were called “Wu-Tang” and “Big Booty Ho”