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9 New Montreal Restaurants You Need to Check Out This Fall

It’s almost fall and (thankfully) the Montreal restaurant craze is showing no signs of slowing down. From pizzerias to taco joints, new foodie hot spots are opening faster than you can blink an eye. So to get you ready for the colder weather and cozy sweaters, we scoured the city and

Juicyyy Lab Opens Its Doors Tomorrow in St Henri

There’s a new juice joint opening up in the St-Henri neighbourhood and you should take note. Corey Shapiro (Vintage Frames) and P-Thugg (Chromeo) are the brains behind this new venture boasting the most advanced cold pressing facility in Montreal

Tejano BBQ Burrito Opens in St Henri

Tex-Mex lovers: it’s time to throw your sombreros in the air, chant ariba, ariba, and do whatever else you do when the option for extra guac is presented to you. St-Henri finally has a much-needed Mexican addition in the form of Tejano BBQ Burrito Shop. The philosophy? Quick, creative, and fun – just how we like it

Sumac : le Moyen Orient maintenant à St Henri

St-Henri est en pleine effervescence. Les boulangeries, cafés et restaurants bourgeonnent si rapidement qu’il nous est presque impossible de suivre le rythme. Ce n’était donc qu’une question de temps avant d’y voir apparaître une petite lueur du Moyen-Orient dans le quartier. Bienvenue au Sumac

St Henri Welcomes Middle Eastern Dining With Sumac

St-Henri is on a roll. With new bakeries, coffee shops and restaurants popping up so fast we can barely keep up, it was only a matter of time before some Middle Eastern spice entered the ‘hood. Welcome, Sumac