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Ontario Says You Can Smoke Weed Wherever Tobacco Smoking is Allowed

In case you were wondering where you can light up once weed is legalized in a few weeks, the answer is wherever smoking tobacco is permitted. Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government made the announcement yesterday, overturning stricter laws introduced by the Liberals. Under the previous rules, the recreational smoking of cannabis

Cigarettes Are About to Become Even Less Cool if WHO Has its Way

The World Health Organization (WHO) wants to suck any lingering ‘glamour’ out of smoking. Following the example of a growing number of countries, the WHO is now calling on other nations to prepare for plain packaging of cigarettes. In an editorial published in the medical journal The Lancet, the WHO says plain

Montreal Terraces Will be Smoke Free Starting Tomorrow

It’s not just the boulangeries and cobbledstone streets that make Montreal feel like Europe — it’s a penchant for smoking, too. Which is why many people will be disappointed to learn that the city is finally changing its policies on smoking in public. Lighting up MTL will become much tougher starting tomorrow as a set

Forget Lent: Here are 15 Things You Should Give Up FOREVER

Lent started on February 10th and runs until March 24th. For the religious observance, in the spirit of penance, atonement and self-denial, Christians all over the world are giving up things for six weeks that many consider unhealthy, overindulgent, or just plain distracting from the true graces of life. The most