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Photographer Spends 3 Years Capturing the Diversity and Beauty of Canada-US Border

Running 8,891 kilometres from Tsawwassen, British Columbia to Campobello, New Brunswick, the Canada-US border is the longest in the world. One could assume that it would be heavily monitored, perhaps even marked by a Trump-style wall. But when you see the border from one of the many crossings, you can barely tell where you

Ontario is Offering $5 Million in Rewards to Panama Paper Whistleblowers

If you know anything about the Panama Papers, you could have a pretty lucrative summer. If you fancy moonlighting as a whistleblower, the Ontario Securities Commission will be setting up office later this year and providing pay-outs as high as $5 million on good tips. The program will provide whistleblowers with payments

The Future of Travel: A Company is Trying to Make Paperless Passports

Gone are the days of worrying if you remembered to pack your passport (not to mention having to guard it with your passport with your life while you travel). A company is currently looking into a technology that could make carrying a physical passport all together obsolete. De La Rue, a passport manufacturer

Taking Lives: The Ashley Madison Hack is Putting a Lot of People in Danger

If there was ever anything funny about the Ashley Madison hack – people should stop laughing now. As one of the largest data breaches in the social world, the hack that exposed the clients of the cheating website is a pretty huge deal – and one that’s been difficult for gossipers and