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PETA Pressure Forces WestJet to Stop Selling Tickets to SeaWorld

Whether WestJet truly cares about whales or is just concerned about protecting its bottom line is unclear, but one thing is certain: The Canadian airline has dropped its support for SeaWorld. SeaWorld has long been under fire for its poor treatment of sea mammals. PETA has led an effort to

Drowning in Mistakes: SeaWorld Admits to Infiltrating PETA with Spies

It’s only a matter of time before SeaWorld becomes a distant memory – at least, we hope. In its latest disastrous admission, the theme park has confessed to sending its own workers to act as spies, infiltrating an animal rights group that opposed its practices. The revelation comes months after People for

SeaWorld’s Profits Have Dropped 84% in the Last Two Years

If you didn’t see 2013’s Blackfish, chances are you at least heard about it. Imagine they made a documentary showing how Cecil the lion was killed – only for the treatment of orcas at SeaWorld – and you’ll get the point pretty quickly. Lots and lots of people were super pissed. And