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The Trailer for Stranger Things Season 2 is Out and We Have a Lot of Questions

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this summer, you’ve probably heard of Netflix’s addictively spooky Stephen King-esque series Stranger Things. And if you haven’t, we suggest you take the rest of the day off to binge it. I’m sure your boss will understand. The eight-episode 80s-throwback series about a boy’s disappearance

Netflix is Hiring a Foodie Instagrammer for Season 2 of Chef’s Table

Despite all suggestions to the contrary – reality TV, technology, and an inability to finish one’s train of… something – we’re all getting smarter. How do I know? Because 2016 is unofficially the age of the documentary, the popularity of which has grown leaps and bounds of late. It’s in

7 Things You Need to Know About the New Season of Serial

The wait is over, Serial is back in our lives. (And not just ’cause you’re listening to the first season for the 14th time.) The mega-popular podcast’s first episode of its second season is up right now. Still here? If you are then maybe you didn’t listen to the first season