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Beet Juice Might Be the Best Way to Keep Canada’s Roads Free of Ice

Road salt: footwear’s worst enemy. But on top of being a major pest for your shoes, it’s also pretty terrible for the environment. That’s why some towns in Quebec have started to test alternatives, and believe it or not, the frontrunner is beet juice. While that’s not any better news for your shoes, using

If Your Coffee is Too Bitter Try Adding Salt Instead of Sugar

Do terrible thoughts ever cross your mind, like suing your nephew for giving you a hug or stealing a baby in a crowded mall during Christmas? Well, you may want to ease up on bitter foods, you psychopath. Sure, it’s easy to refrain from consuming dandelion greens and gourds because they suck,

Salt, Fresh & Field Puts a New Spin on Farm to Table TV in Vancouver

As if we need a reason to plunk ourselves down on the couch to indulge in a little bit of quality R&R with a bowl of popcorn. The latest cinematic partnership between TELUS Optik on Demand and Chad Brealey and Mary Kellough of Salt, Fresh & Field Media definitely delivers a good reason to do just that