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You Can Now Get Free Stuff Every 7th Time You Visit Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons has had a rough couple of years. So bad, in fact, that last spring the company completed a 46-spot fall from grace in a ranking of Canada’s most reputable brands. Now, Timmies is doing major work to win back some love. And it starts with a loyalty program,

It Turns Out a Pan Am Gold Medal is Worth Next to Nothing

Ever wonder what a gold metal at the Pan Am Games is actually worth? Compared to an Olympic gold metal, not a whole lot. Well, aside from the bragging rights, personal sense of achievement, and well-deserved pride. All very important goals to reach, but it’s not going to make you

When Your Business and Personal Life Intertwine in a Great Way

Entrepreneurs and execs need to travel for business frequently – just like leading and innovating, it’s part of the job. Now, thanks to the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express, business travel can affect your personal travel in a big way. Here’s how you get the best of both worlds

My Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card From American Express

We like apps that tell us what the weather is on ski day before we even wake up. We love boarding passes on our phones, premium airport lounges, and duty-free. Why? Because it means we’re travelling. It means we’re out there Living Our Notable Lives (#LYNL). And if we can be rewarded for it, all the better

An Experience I Won’t Forget

“Julian, what city are you in?” has now become just part of the everyday conversation when chatting with colleagues, clients, and friends. I’m always on the go; I’m wheeling, moving, experiencing and growing for our readers