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Meet Kate Pepler, Founder of The Tare Shop

Succeeding her graduation from Dalhousie University, Kate Pepler felt what many new grads feel, a longing for purpose. She was always passionate about oceans, reducing plastic pollution, fostering community, and environmental education. Determined to be the one to make a difference, she founded the first-ever package-free store in Halifax. The

Optimy is Helping Struggling Businesses Make the Shift to Online Retail

With the rise of online shopping and the continued closures across Canada, this past year has been detrimental for small businesses and retailers who rely on face-to-face interactions to sell their products or services. With no clear solution or timeline for reopening, Optimy stepped into help these businesses make it

End of an era: Le Chateau is bankrupt and will close all stores

Le Chateau, for 60 years a staple at malls and of our adolescence, will close all of its 123 stores. Dwindling in popularity for some time, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic was the death knell for the Montreal-founded fashion retailer. “Its already evident impact on consumer demand for Le Chateau’s holiday

Small Businesses You Can continue To Support During COVID-19

These strange times have hit the businesses in our local neighbourhoods, as social isolation restrictions have continued to tighten. Our community is filled with small, independent, locally owned and operated businesses. That’s what makes Toronto so special, but it is also what makes us particularly vulnerable at times like these. 

#NotablePeople: Founder of Happy Tears Brandon Roy

We could also use a little more light and positivity right now wouldn’t you agree? Brandon Roy is the founder, creative genius, and the “Chief-of-Joy” of Happy Tears. With a title like that, you can rest assured he’s in the business of spreading joy every day, no matter what is happening in